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CXone Expert leverages NICE Enlighten AI models, custom-built for CX, and organization-specific data to create unique conversational AI models. The integration with OpenAI's generative modeling not only ensures that the resulting answers to consumer self-service inquiries are immediate and highly accurate, but that they are also semantically constructed in a human-friendly manner, optimized for consumer understanding. Combining the strengths of CXone Expert, with its easy-to-use content retrieval and conversational search capabilities, and ChatGPT technology, with its revolutionary approach to AI-driven natural language conversations, NICE is ushering in a new era of CX, where consumers are immediately routed to the right answers with no need for transfers or call-backs, while creating exceptional self-service experiences that feel familiarly human.


NICE Uses AI and Data Analytics to Enhance CXone Expert's Customer Service Automation

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  • NICE's CXone Expert is an AI technology with the ability to create conversations that feel like talking to a human.
  • The Expert uses multiple AI techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, and natural language understanding.
  • The Expert is designed to respond to customer inquiries by intelligently understanding their intent and addressing their needs.
  • The Expert helps to automate routine customer service tasks, allowing agents to focus on more complex interactions.
  • AI and data analytics can be used to personalize customer experiences and create more meaningful engagements.