Make sense of legal documents

Detangle gives you the tools you need to understand legal documents. It doesn't replace your attorney, but rather augments so you understand more while spending less.

Security is our top priority

All documents are fully encrypted using AES specifications, and your data is never sold to third parties

Your legal assistant

Detangle simplifies and explains legal jargon so you're not left in the dark. Save thousands in legal fees and have confidence in legal matters.

Your Detangled document will give you a 1-2 paragraph summary so you immediately know what's going on.
Questions for your attorney
Detangle isn't a replacement for your attorney, but rather helps you have more efficient conversations, saving valuable time and money.
Favor scale
The Detangle Favor Scale shows you which party has the upper hand and why, keeping you from being taken advantage of.
Potentially problematic
When you've got dozens of pages to sift through, it's easy to miss things that may be problematic. Detangle surfaces them for you in seconds.
Money matters
Almost every legal document involves money in some way. And given that's frequently the most important element, Detangle will bring those to the top for you.
Detangle takes every block in the document and simplifies in, removing mind-numbing legalese so you can easily understand what each paragraph means.

Simple, one-off pricing

You only pay for the documents you need Detangled! No monthly fees!

Clear understanding with affordable pricing

Pricing is based on document length. Even the longest document will be far cheaper than even a short phone call with your attorney.

One-time payment

$19-199 USD